Our Vision

We would like to see in our Church a group of people who glorify Jesus in everything he does, in everyday life.

We want to build a Church that will welcome everyone to find the love of God and helps it members to grow in their faith and in the love for God.

We would like to build a community where everyone is encouraged to serve God and develop his or her gifts.

We encourage our members to ask God to bless the town of Civray and pray for its success.

We believe in the love for Jesus, the friend of sinners, who came not to judge but to save the world; the one who heals the sick and restores those who are broken; the one who gave his life as a sacrifice for us.

We aim to create and become a true community, where people love each other and where everyone finds their place.

We strive to be a welcoming community.

We believe that the Bible is the supreme authority in matters of doctrine and belief.

What are we doing ( in Civray)?
As children of God, we want to live in committed relationships with one another and encourage each other to love and serve God, thus expressing the life to which the Father calls us.

Seeking to live and express our faith in a practical way in every day life, we meet in homes at weekends for worship and during the week for various meetings (sharing, prayer,teaching etc). Often we stay together for a meal.

For those who wish to learn more and experience the faith, we offer Alpha. This is a series of lessons offered around a meal and through discusssions, in which we seek to know God better ( and ourselves).

We would be happy to know you. Do not hesitate to contact us - See you soon?

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